Photomanipulation by American digital artist Rick Blackwell. Mystical and mysterious images of nude men.

Paradise Lost

The Vigil

The Herald

Finding Rahab

The Forgotten Age

War Angel


Humorous drawings by an unknown artist to me. Only the genitals, but subtly noted by a typical and characteristic features of men from different countries and continents.

Art-works of the American photographer and makeup artist Micheal Anthony Clark.


Art-works of American artist Wes Hempel. Traditional painting with nude men, a combination of historical elements with contemporary realities.

Counteroffer. Oil on canvas. 20" X 14"

End Run - Study. Oil on canvas. 18" x 14"

Study for Navigation Accident. Oil on canvas. 24" x 20"

Study for Call. Oil on canvas. 24" x 18"

Study for Happy Ending. Oil on canvas. 26" x 24"

Study 1 for Morality Play. Oil on canvas. 30" x 30"

Study for Afternoon Bath. Oil on canvas. 20" x 28"

Study for Day's End. Oil on canvas. 20" x 20"

Breather. Oil on canvas. 22" x 22"


Art-works of the photographer from the United Kingdom Ted aka ted2. Beautiful black-and-white photos of naked models. Like old photographs or frames of black-and-white films.


Homoerotic drawing by American artist Ed Hartley. Very sexy pictures of nude men.


Midnight Mission

Bobby's Christmas

Sagebrush Christmas

After Practice


Young Man Undressing


Art-works of German artist Norbert Bisky. Bright and slightly eerie surrealistic fantasies with young guys.

Spreu. Oil on canvas. 130x110 cm

Masterplan. Oil on canvas. 150x100 cm

Michelsdorf. Oil on canvas. 200x275 cm

Boxi. Oil on canvas. 230x420 cm

Save our souls. Oil on canvas. 150x200 cm

Nefasto. Oil on canvas. Oil on canvas. 250x200 cm

Aufmacher. Oil on canvas. 150x100 cm