Portrait photographer Raul Acosta from Switzerland. Its black-and-white images of nude men.

Part of Variationen



Timidity strip


Blurred grainy hand



Website: http://www.raulacosta.com

Creativity well-known the gay-pair from France Pierre Commoy and Gilles Blanchard. Connection of a photo and the painting, given rise to a new direction in art. Unforgettable erotic images.

Hermès. Photograph and painting.

Spideries. Photograph and painting. 134 X 111.5 cm

Vive la France! Photograph and painting. 125 x 101 cm

Bubbles Shower. Photograph and painting. 125 X 100 cm

Neptune. Photograph and painting. 94 x 82 cm

Presque rien. Photograph and painting. 107 X 89 cm

Glory hole. Photograph and painting. 94 x 75 cm

Midnight Cowboy. Photograph and painting.

Title unknown. Photograph and painting.

David et Jonathan. Photograph and painting. 130 x 105,5 cm

Matador. Photograph and painting. 115,8 x 90,5 cm

Title unknown. Photograph and painting.

Le garçon attaché. Photograph and painting. 114.5 x 96 cm

Les plaisirs de la forêt. Photograph and painting. 106 x 86.5 cm

Website: http://www.optimistique.com/pierre.et.gilles/

Wood brotherhood


Masquerade 2

The grenadier

For magazine " Квир " / "Queer"/

East fairy tales

Website: http://dmitry-art.narod.ru

The artist from Brazil Bernardo de Gregorio, also known as “ Mr. B ”. His digital images, painting and drawing very interesting and erotic.










Website: http://www.homographix.com/

American classical realist painter, draftsman and teacher Jacob Collins. Its picturesque technics is magnificent.

Self Portrait with Palette. Oil on canvas

Male Figure. Drawing

Male Figure. Charcoal on paper

Jas. Oil on canvas

Male Nude. Oil on canvas

Thinking Man. Oil on canvas

Website: http://www.artrenewal.org/asp/database/art.asp? aid=821*page=1

An erotic series "Leathercraft" American artist Rick Chris. Cowboys - characters of its many works.

Leathercraft No.1. Acrilic on illustration board. 25,5 x 38 cm

Leathercraft No.2. Acrilic on illustration board. 25,5 x 38 cm

Leathercraft No.5 - Texas. Acrilic on illustration board. 25,5 x 38 cm

Website: http://www.rickchris.com/

Roger Payne is a professional illustrator from the Great Britain. His homoerotic work very frank, it is a lot of stages of man's sex.

Hustler-2. Pencil drawing on paper

Look At Me. Pencil drawing on paper

Full Mast. Acrylic on card

Massage. Acrylic on card

Tantric Sex. Pencil drawing on paper

Twining Of Creeper. Pencil drawing on paper

The Casual. Pencil drawing on paper

Butterfly Pos. Acrylic on card

Website: http://www.menbyroger.com/