Douglas and Maureen Johnson represent a collection "Live Model Books". For artists, illustrators, sculptors and those who need a nude human nature. High-quality color photographs of nude models in 360-degree rotation. Books, Disks and instant access Downloads.


Unknown artist, who signs his drawings NoBeast. It looks like a Japanese style of manga, anime, yaoi... But I'm not sure.

The art-works of Bulgarian artist Valentin Simeonov Bakardjiev \now lives in the Netherlands/. In his paintings with nude men clearly seen Slavic roots. And the traditions of the Slavic iconography.


The art-works of American artist Darren Engleman. Such different shading in the drawings, but always nice passes form a nude male body.


Relaxed Nude

The sun comes, like a god. . .

Muscular Back



The art-works of the artist from Philippines Mark Anthony Taduran. Bright original characters of comics.

Male Fairies

Warrior Char-acter

Guilty Gear: Anji Mito

The Slave



Surrealistic images in creativity of Russian artist Dmitry Vorsin. Psychological ink drawings, some toning tea. And what names!

Anthropologist. He exchanged the childhood of humanity on meaningless stroll along the boulevard of roses. There he lost the light of civilizations.

Philologist, tormented vulgarity only two lines, which he himself composed: " It will not develop feathers in the wings! All ink will not be blood! "

Stage of lunar madness, appeared on one separate star field before the astonished gaze of the astronomer, in love with the constellation Tucanae

Physics of sodomy. Levers and communicating vessels. Nocturne


Mechanics of flight elf on sunflowers

Eruption great dalianskoy intimacy! (Dedication of Dali with its prominent mustache and his famous props (I loved you, Dali!))

I like inquisitive mind, and I as a ladies' man, scan the horizon krasnomorya fishy glances in fish in silence. (Time at which I was miraculously Arabic).


A series "BODY.CANVAS" of French photographer Jurgen Katzengruber. Gross broad brush strokes create an abstract painting on the nude male bodies.


The art - works of the photographer from the Great Britain Ian F Burgess. Beautiful nude models in studio and outside.