Many would like to glance in studio of the artist when it works with the nude model. Felix d'Eon allows us to make it.


Brandon & Felix d'Eon


Felix d'Eon


Gregoire & Mark


James 2

James & Felix d'Eon


Josh & Felix d'Eon


Kitten & Neil



Neil 2

Steven & Felix d'Eon

Taverna Boys


Unlike many modern artists the American artist Felix d'Eon draws from life. Therefore its art-work such easy and alive.

Antony On The Couch. Giclee Print

Blue Brandon. Charcoal, White Conte Crayon, and Pastel on Color Paper

Joey Seated. Giclee Print

Jordan Surfing. Watercolor Ink and Gouache on colored paper.

Lovers Entwined. Giclee Print

Nude Boy on a Trapeze. Giclee Print

Sleeping Faun. Giclee Print.

The Net Mender. Giclee Print

Wounded Soldier. Charcoal, White Conte Crayon, and Pastel on Color Paper


This series of the art-works of British photographer Anthony Gayton especially is pleasant to me. Poses and gestures of nude models, studio illumination and additional effects create illusion of the academic figures of old masters.

Life Study - 2

Life Study - 4

Life Study - 5

Life Study - 6

Life Study - 7

Life Study - Couple - 1


Picturesque works of American digital painter Del Melchionda. Full sensation, that works are made by a brush.

Within the Storm


Snow cats

Man - Kneeling


Secret jedi


Original and easily recognized style distinguishes British artist Matthew Stradling. Nude men in an environment of the refined and dear accessories.

Stargazer. Oil on canvas. 61 x 38 cm

The Threshold. Oil on canvas. 210 x 165 cm

Free Angel. Oil on canvas. 68 x 45,5 cm

Verano. Acrylic on canvas. 76 x 66 cm

The Rapture of Clouds. Oil on canvas. 34 x 39 cm

Silken Light. Oil on canvas. 70 x 56 cm

A River of Dreams. Oil on canvas. 41 x 36 cm


The wanderer

The jockey

Lunar flowers

Bronze armour

Stone and flesh

The interrupted flight

You do not cost too close...

The night hunter

The superhero