The art-works of American photographer Michael Kilgore. A series of the works devoted to art of the Ancient Greece. Nude men, as if descended from ancient vases.


The art-works of American artist-illustrator Craig Hamilton. Nude man's characters of popular comics and the original characters, executed by pen and color pencils.


The art-works of English sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. Beautiful nude male body, cast in bronze.


The art-works of Vietnamese artist Minh Hang /now lives in the United States/. Magnificent technics of drawing, the maximal realism.

Male nude. Charcoal Drawing. 22 x 30 inches

Crucifixion. Charcoal Drawing. 21 x 29 inches

Guardian. Charcoal Drawing. 37 x 65 inches

Full moon. Charcoal Drawing. 22 x 30 inches


The art - works of Greek artist Lazaros Pantos. Middle Eastern national motifs with beautiful naked men.

Kavafis' rapsody. Oil on canvas. 120X200

Injured Athlet. Oil on canvas. 100X60

Hammam. Oil on canvas. 110X110

The Olive Sprigg. Oil on canvas. 112 x 89

Dancer. Oil on canvas. 240X125 cm

Young athlet. Oil on canvas. 60X120 cm

Oriental-Cairo. Oil on canvas. 100X70


Erotic drawing and painting of the artist-illustrator from Switzerland Oliver Frey aka Zack. Dynamical and very erotic art-works. Courageous nude men in action.


The art-works of French photographer Eric Jean. His photographs - like the picture in the fantasy genre. With beautiful nude heroes.