I congratulate all with wonderful holidays!
I wish all the new year of happiness, luck and love!
Some photo-art and body-art for New Year.

Finally one of my very old pictures.
Best regards, Dmitry.

Fantasies of the New Year. Colored pencils on paper. 16x24 cm

The art-works of Russian artist Sergey Sovkov. Bright images of the nude men, interesting picturesque technics.

Amber mood. Oil on canvas. 37х60cm

The hunter of dreams. Oil on canvas. 51х86cm

All alive. Oil on canvas. 70х110cm

Years gold. Oil and acryle on canvas. 50х70cm

Gin. Oil on canvas. 50х80cm

Heavenly meal. Oil on canvas. 90х110cm

Revival. Oil on canvas. 45х95cm

Fire-worshiper. Oil on cardboard. 30х40cm

Cornflower. Oil on canvas. 80х100cm

Ledogor. Oil on canvas. 60х80cm

Opposition. Oil on canvas.

Website: http://www.sovkovart.ru/

Nude men in creativity of Ukrainian artist Kirill Fadeev. Stylish works in the mixed technics.



Nicolaus Copernicus


Rider of Night

Russian banya



Website: http://erotic.artmam.com/----6--.htm

The art-works of the Dutch artist and illustrator Roland Maas. Severe reliefs, a leather, rivets and unique firm style of the artist.

Website: http://www.rolandmaas.nl/

The art-works of the American artist and illustrator Nick Baсkes. Beautiful man's images and magnificent technics of execution.

Website: http://www.nickbackes.com/

The art-works of German photographer Lars Deike. Color photos of nude guys and men.

Website: http://www.deike.de/

The art-works of German photographer Lars Deike. Black-and-white photos of nude guys and men. In studio and outdoor.

Website: http://www.deike.de/