Drawing and digital art of American artist Sean Platter. Characters of comics, monsters, demons with strongly pronounced man's advantage.

Website: http://www.studiosplatter.com/

The art-works of Chinese artist Li Mingshun. Thin game of light and a shadow on young nude bodies Asian guys.

Yin Peng from China


Liu Xiao Feng

Ke Wen Bo

Zhang Yin

Zhang Yin 2

Xiao Hua

Website: http://www.limingshun.com/

Man's characters in creativity of American artist John Pitre. Picturesque pictures in genres of a fantasy and surrealism.


Pondering Mortality


Israeli Martyrs

The Triumph of Icarus

Website: http://www.johnpitre.com/

The art-works of the photographer from United Kingdom Phil Wood. Natural beauty of a nude man's body in a black-and-white photo.

Website: http://holdmycoat.deviantart.com/

The art-works of American photographer Greg Gorman. Classics male nude photos. Stylish black-and-white pictures.

Website: http://www.gormanphotography.com/

Painting and drawing of the American artist and illustrator Alan Pepin.

Cowboy Muscle

Locker Room

Gentleman Gene

Nude Sketches

Website: http://www.alanpepin.com/

The art-works of American artist David Alan Crumpler. Nude and semi-nude athletes in black-and-white drawing.

Website: http://www.muscleart.org/