The art-works of Spanish artist Cristobal Sanchez-Lopez. The bears-men executed by a watercolor look easily and elegantly.

David. Original Watercolor. 8x10

Nude 12. Original Watercolor. 8x10

Nude 46. Original Watercolor. 8x10

Anonymous II. Original Watercolor. 8x10


A series "Calvin" of Spanish artist and sculptor Fernando Garcia-Vazquez. The art-works executed by special technics Silverpoint. Silverpoint and white oil on prepared and coloured paper.

Juxtapose 1

Juxtapose 2

Juxtapose 3


The art-works of the known American photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber. Many photo-works of this Master for a long time already became classics of a male nude photo.


The art-works of American digital artist Jim as Jocked. Mystical symbolical images. Mysterious messages from the past... or from the future.

Saint Eligius

The Tameling

The Sins of our Brothers

Saint Theobald

Brand XXX

The Afternoon

Winged Victory


The Artist


In the Garden

Night Dancer


The art-works of a team of German photographers and designers "Sproject". Installations with young nude models.


Rainbow 2

Rainbow 3

Rainbow 4





The art-works of Dutch artist Johan Ekkel. Masterful possession of a pencil. Graceful shading and frank plots.

Sleeping by the Pool. Pencil on paper. 29 x 22 cm

Deep Passion. Pencil on paper. 25 x 30 cm

Hot Kiss. Pencil on paper. 33 x 42 cm

Hot Lover. Pencil on paper. 28 x 36 cm

Bareback. Pencil on paper. 20 x 26 cm

Naked Surfer. Pencil on paper. 27 x 21 cm


Fantastic realism in the art-works of Spanish artist Alberto Pancorbo. Nude men in the surrealistic world.

Poblada Soledad. Oil on canvas. 146X114 сm

The door of the third Millennium. Oil on canvas. 165X129 сm

The Door. Oil on canvas. 60X45 сm

Labyrinths of the soul. Oil on canvas. 132X114 сm

John 92. Oil on canvas. 163X130 сm


The joint creative project of French photo-artist Aymeric Giraudel and magazine BeautifulMag. An epic cloth " The Prophecy ". A unique dynamical and emotional plot with participation of 35 professional and amateur nude man's models.