Ten guys play out on stage presentation, talking about men and male body. They have great singing, dancing. And while completely naked! DVD-movie.


Art-works of Polish photographer and digital artist Przemek Gajowczyk. Characters in popular comics and other works with nude men.

Time for a bath

The Samurai

Prince of Persia

In Day and at Night

The Warrior

Nude Tarzan and Jane

Website: http://legendg85.deviantart.com/

Art-works of the Chinese artist Wu Meng Chun. The original painting with naked men.

Website: http://www.wu-meng-chun.com/

Art-works of Polish artist Aleksander Balos /lives in the United States/. A dynamic and emotional painting.

Discovery of a Circle

See No Evil

Rain Makers

Vision of Mercy

Discovery of America


The well-known male model Joe Sayers in the art-work American photographer Joe Oppedisano. Beautiful body, beautiful photos.

Website: http://www.joeoppedisanoxxx.com/

Bright pictorial imagination of different American photographers and body-painters in the men's bodies.

photographer Bruce Weber

photographer Charles Archer

Paul Roustan

photographer Scott Marrs

Website: http://www.bruceweber.com/
Website: http://www.charlesarcherphotography.com/
Website: http://members.cox.net/roustan/
Website: http://www.scottmarrs.com/

Art-works by American artist Jack Whitlow. Nude men in black-and-white drawings.

Botticelli Youth

Nature Boy


Homage to GG

Youth 2


Art-works of the Spanish digital painter Joaquim Abella. Vivid images of Angels and Serafins.

Angel caucasico

San Super Cupido

Serafin rubio

Angel borde



Angel caido

Website: http://www.quim-abella.com/

Art-works of British artist Stuart Feather. Sensual paintings of naked models.

Jonathon III. Watercolour and Silver Leaf on Paper. 420x420 cm

Vanitas. Oil on Gesso Panel with Gold Metal Edges. 910x610 cm

John at The Turkish Baths. Watercolour on Paper. 730x545 cm

Alexis. Oil on Gesso Panel. 810x610 cm

Michael as a Minatour. Watercolour on Paper. 615x450 cm

Jonathon VI. Watercolour on Paper. 550x730 cm

Jonathon VII.
Watercolour on Paper. 550x730 cm